Joy to the World

Series: Christmas In Song


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Text:  Luke 2:8-20


What if we have NOTHING to give or receive at Christmas?

We can still have JOY in our

  1.  God’s best PRESENT was given to the least PEASANT. Why?

“If God had wished, He could have…[revealed] Himself to [us] so plainly that [we] could not doubt the truth…as He will appear on the last day with…such convulsions of nature that the dead will rise up and the blindest will see Him.  This is not the way He wished to appear when He came [the first time] in mildness [to humble people] because so many had shown themselves unworthy of His [mercy] that He wished to deprive them of the good they did not desire.  It was therefore not right that He should appear in a manner obviously divine absolutely capable of convincing everyone, but neither was it right that His coming should be so hidden that He could not be recognized by those who sincerely sought Him.  He wished to make Himself perfectly recognisable to them.” —Pascal (Is 6:9; Mt 11:25f; Lk 8:10)

  1.  What is this gift so awesome that ANGELS sang about it?!
  • God’s ANOINTED One is the LORD Himself born to us.
  • Settling our FEARS (v.10)
  • Bringing SALVATION JOY to our souls (v.10)
  • Bringing GLORY to God (v.14)
  • Bringing SHALOM between/among people (v.14)
  1.  What do we offer in return? OURSELVES, spreading the JOY!
  • That brings HIM great JOY!

The only true gift is a portion of yourself.  --Emerson

A wise lover values [enjoys] not so much the gift of the lover as the

love of the giver.  --Thomas A’Kempis

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