Axis Care



Hi Axis,

Welcome to this week's edition of Enews.  Pastor Joel is having a well deserved break.

This team has been recruited and trained to assist in the management of pastoral care needs here at Axis Church.  The team consists of pastors, a ministry candidate, and people with a wealth of ministry experience particularly in the area of pastoral care.  On the team we have – Pastor Graeme & Vicki Carnell; Pastor Lionel & Glenn Rose; Pastor Neil & Alison Grady; Pastor Mike & Marianne Tobin; Pastor Colin & Lynne Kettle; Pastor Desley Knights; Bill & Lynne Dutney; Mary Murphy; Daniela Wilson and Gayle Jensen.

Pastoral care team group shot
 We thank and praise God for them and their willingness to serve our church in caring for the needs of our congregation.

Axis Lead Team