Hey There Axis,

So thrilled to have our littles, youth and young adults leading us in worship and the Word this Sunday. Come along on Sunday morning as our children’s ministry leads the charge in worship and Pastor Peter delivers the message. At Axis PM, join the youth and Young Adults as they lead us in worship and Pastor Peter delivers the message on Big Questions…Bible Answers.

Last Sunday, we leaned into Exodus 13 and spoke about firstborn and firstfruits. God reminds us in His word that we either redeem our firstfruits/firstborn or we lose it. God gave His Son, His only begotten Son to us FIRST--”while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” [Rom 5:8]. How can we do any less than give Him our firsts and MORE!

There are many Bible students and theologians who want to debate the topic, but here’s what I know: I have tithed and given offerings above the tithe my entire Christian life. I’ve tithed my time, talent and treasure for no other reason than I am a steward of everything God has entrusted to me. He told Adam & Eve to manage everything He gave to them and I’m to do no less. When I live like it’s all His and not mine, I live in true freedom. For instance, next week I will be giving my Subaru away. Why? Because it was the first car God blessed me with in Australia. I got a great deal on it from Pastor Cesar’s son and I’m choosing to give it away to someone who needs it. And you know what, I’m blessed to be able to give. I give that example only as a story that if God tells me to do something, I do it and I know I will be blessed by following His will AND His ways. I want to hold onto the things of this world very loosely and trust God that He will do what He said He would do: take care of His children and “not allow them to go begging bread.” I’m not trying to be legalistic at all about giving. I simply know that if you test God in this, He will show you how much He loves you and your obedience and HE WILL BLESS YOU! That’s why I issued the Ten Week Test, starting two weeks ago. Tithe your income between now and Christmas and see if you don’t receive a blessing. I will stand behind that test and say: I KNOW YOU WILL. See you Sunday!

Onward & upward,
Pastor Joel


P.S. Members, please mark your calendars for a mid-year members’ meeting on Sunday, 19 November 2017 immediately following second service. We will have audited reports for the 2016-17 financial year and some mission/vision updates for you. Blessings.

Pastor Joel Heron