Hey There Axis,

What is the principle of firstfruits?  If we look at Exodus 13 and all through Scripture for that matter, we see that “firsts” belong to God: firstborn (man or beast) or firstfruits (the first part of your “increase”) or first possessions (city of Jericho).  God deserves and desires TO BE FIRST in everything!  It’s not enough to say, “God I put you first.”  We must demonstrate it!

Two Sundays ago at Axis, we started a new sermon series entitled The Blessed Life.  The series is based on the book of the same title by Robert Morris.  On the first Sunday, we heard from the author as he preached to us about giving being “all about the heart.”  Remember Jesus said, “...wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also” [Mt 6:21].  

Last Sunday, we opened our hearts to the hallmark scripture on tithing [Malachi 3] and we talked about “tithing being a test; tithing being biblical; and tithing being a blessing.”  Also, in last week’s message, I challenged you to take the Ten Week Test.  For the next ten weeks (between now and Christmas) if you are not tithing (giving 10% of your income to the church) then commit to God to begin weekly tithing (giving the first 10% to God).  If you’re already tithing, pray and seek the LORD about your giving and do what He prompts you to do.  The “test” for the next ten weeks for those of you who are beginning the tithing journey is to “see if God will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing upon you so that you cannot contain it!” [Mal 3:10].  I challenge you to take up the test!

Speaking of blessings, last weekend was a consummate blessing to me at Axis Church.  On Friday & Saturday, we had 220 leaders from around Queensland and other areas come to Axis for The Global Leadership Summit.  To host such an event and to be the conduit of leadership investment in these leaders was a blessing.  In addition to that, after our morning worship, we had a spontaneous healing service where God touched at least 7-8 people of their infirmities and ailments!  And if that wasn’t enough blessing, we held a baptism service at Axis PM where nine people were baptised (three of them in spontaneous fashion)!  If you haven’t been to Axis in awhile, I challenge you to come.  Don’t miss out on a blessing!

Also, come and check out our continuing series in Axis PM:  “Big Questions...Bible Answers”.  On Sunday night, we will zero in on “Heaven & Hell,” by Pastor Joel.  You won’t want to miss it!

Onward & upward,
Pastor Joel

PS  Men, it’s getting down to the wire for you to register for Man Camp 2017!  Join me up the coast for a great weekend the last weekend of October!

Pastor Joel Heron