Thank you, Axis for stepping up to PRAY this past week! Two weeks ago, I challenged you to join a team of Strategic Axis Prayer Warriors. We are looking to have two prayer warriors per day, praying for each of eight Axis staff members and two boards (LBA & trustees). That requires 140 people. So far, we have 72 people who have signed on. We need to DOUBLE that. Also, keep in mind that there are several of you who have signed onto the same person for the same day. If you’d be willing to either swap praying days and/or swap staff members, that would be great, because we still have some gaps to fill in the roster to ensure that everyone has at least one prayer warrior praying daily. Please book in with Ross & Carla Holmes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will pop you on the prayer calendar and you will receive further instructions in the coming week. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!

       This weekend at Axis, we are glad to be starting a stewardship series based up on The Blessed Life, by Pastor Robert Morris. This week, you will hear the message from the author himself from Gateway Church in Texas!

       In this series, we will drill down on the concept of giving and generosity. When we give from our hearts with no other motive besides giving, then God sees that generous gesture and His blessings rest upon us! I invite you all to come close and lean into this series over the next several weeks (and bring a friend). You’ll be glad that you did! See you Sunday!

Onward & upward,

Pastor Joel

Pastor Joel Heron