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At Axis Church we don’t have a Men’s Ministry, we have a Ministry to Men.

Our vision is to honour God through all that we do, to speak into the heart of men and to lead them to God and to assist and empower men to discover all that they were created to be in Christ.

Our mission is to help raise each man up into the man God has called them to be, so that all men know their worth in the eyes of God, stand as warriors and lead all people to know our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We focus our activities on a Man’s Heart, Relationships and Calling. The outcomes of our ministry are increased connection, Faith, Hope, Courage, Strength and Passion.

Through a variety of programs, events, courses and groups, men are encouraged to:

  • Understand their identity in Christ.
  • Recognise their God-given strength and understand what that strength is for.
  • Develop strong, loving relationships with God, their families and with each other.
  • Reach into their communities to share God's love


Band of Brothers – 6:45pm Monday nights (School Terms) are our teaching nights, with 6-8 week courses exploring the Stages of Manhood, Our identity in Christ, How to be a Godly Man/Husband/Father, Being intentional in our role as men (regardless of age).

Training Room – 7:00pm Wednesday nights is our men’s bible study. But it goes way beyond a bible study, this is real life application of God’s word in our lives in this world, as husbands, fathers, friends and mentors. This is where you train for life. Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”


Man Camp – ( is our annual men’s camp, but unlike anything you have experienced before. A unique, God inspired weekend of teaching, healing, forgiveness, connection and growth that has impacted the lives of every man who has attended.

Men’s Breakfast – Throughout the year we hold men’s breakfasts, a great morning of connection, God’s inspiration and food.

Other camps – (Wild at Heart Advanced Camp) is a small intimate and intense men’s camp for leaders, for the shepherds!


To connect into the Axis Ministry to Men, come along to any of the above events, contact Nick Susnjara via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It’s non-confrontational, welcoming and Christ-centred with solid Christian teaching.


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