What defines Axis Church's personality? What's the heartbeat behind the Sunday services and programs we offer? What are the values beneath the surface that defines who we really are and are becoming?

The following values form Axis Church's DNA. During a prayer meeting these values were derived from the people and is a true representation of what you will find right now as part of the Axis Church family.

  1. A deep pool of God's love for all to bathe in
  2. A safe refuge for new hope and gentle healing
  3. A church that revolves around Jesus Christ alone
  4. A warm welcome home for everyone
  5. A heartbeat of genuine, inspirational, extravagant, God honouring worship
  6. Spirit led - not driven
  7. A culturally diverse house of prayer
  8. Family and children are so highly valued
  9. Strong Bible teaching results in life transformation
  10. Relationships are real, fun and with loads of food
  11. Freedom to grow without pressure and judgement
  12. Always anticipating surprises from God that take our breath away
  13. Developing and releasing leadership potential in all
  14. Believing for streams of salvation growth
  15. Everyone's feet are wet by the spirit of revival and renewal
  16. A servant-hearted Church released to serve in spiritual power